Wednesday, February 8, 2012


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2012-02-08 14:58:00
Abnormal cold winter reveals weak and strong points in energy sphere of Ukraine.
This opinion was expressed by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov during consultations
with the public on policy of energy efficiency initiated by the government.

2012-02-08 14:32:00
Lviv readying hotels for EURO 2012.
By the start of 2012, TUI Travel has concluded agreements with the existing 47
hotels in the city of Lviv, Lviv region, as well as satellite cities
(Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Ternopil and Uzhgorod) with the total number of rooms -
2, 725 of 2, 545required, .

2012-02-08 14:18:00
Ukraine receives less Russian gas than contracted.
This was disclosed by Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Minister Yuriy Boiko at
the Cabinet of Ministers meeting today. Ukraine has increased gas intake from
underground storage facilities to help the Russian partners provide the
necessary pressure in the pipeline to thewest.

2012-02-08 14:07:00
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry advises Ukrainians to refrain from trips to Maldives.
It was done due to the deteriorating political situation in the country.The
ministry says the situation in the country sharply deteriorated and at least
three people were injured in clashes between the military andpolice.

2012-02-08 13:52:00
Mobile heating points to operate in Kiev until it is needed.
At least until April all people who became homeless will be able to eat and warm
up there.

2012-02-08 13:44:00
Kerch Strait closed for passage of vessels.
Now in the Kerch port there are 7 vessels in the Strait on anchorages -
125.Ferry "Kerch - Kuban" has also stopped to operate.

2012-02-08 13:32:00
Hundreds of cars under snowdrifts in Crimea.
Large snowdrifts, hindering the movement of hundreds of cars, formed on the
roads in Crimea (southern Ukraine) resulting from strong winds and snow falls.
Snow drifts in some places reach 1.5-2 meters.

2012-02-08 13:22:00
Prices still remain stable.
In the short term, the level of consumer prices in Ukraine will not change
significantly.According to experts, in the near future, prices can rise in case
the Ukrainian government decides to increase tariffs on utility services in
order to resume the IMF lendingprogram.

2012-02-08 13:11:00
Ukraine to pay first redemption of credit to IMF in February.
The first redemption of the credit to the amount of UAH 4.6 billion (about USD
580 million) to the International Monetary Fund is planned for February 7.

2012-02-08 12:57:00
Term in office of Ukrainian Ombudsman Nina Karpachova expiring.
The ombudsman institution has been operating in Ukraine since 1998.b Who will
take this position, the deputies should decide in 1.5 months.