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2012-02-29 15:54:00
From March 1 cold water fare for population to be raised in Kyiv.
Kyiv residents will have to pay 18 kopecks more for each cubic meter of cold
water."Kyivvodocanal" (water supply company) representatives explain: prices had
to be increased as gas price grew , as well as electric and heatpower.

2012-02-29 15:32:00
Verkhovna Rada to decide on candidate for post of Ombudsman on March 13.
This was disclosed Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn
during a press conference in Zhytomyr. He added that after the official
nominations for the post of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights the
MPs should consider the matter within 20days.

2012-02-29 15:23:00
Cash donations of parents to schools and kindergartens forbidden in Sevastopol.
In Sevastopol, parents are not allowed to make cash donations to schools and
kindergartens. Instead it is planned to open philanthropic and special funds for
accumulation of money collected by parents.

2012-02-29 15:09:00
Geological center for shale reserves opened in Poltava.
Ukrainian Geological Research and Production Center has opened in Poltava to
explore shale gas reserves.Researches will be conducted with the assistance and
direct involvement of the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources and
Nadra of Ukraine National Joint-StockCompany.

2012-02-29 14:48:00
Domestic program of population immunization to be evaluated by foreign experts.
Relevant agreement was reached during a meeting at the Ministry of Health of
Ukraine with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Health ,
State sanitary-epidemiology service, the World Health Organization and UN
Children's Fund(UNICEF).

2012-02-29 14:37:00
Inflation rate should meet realities of the day.
This opinion was expressed by leading expert of the Razumkov Center Pavlo
Rozenko and head of the analytical department of the AAA Consulting Agency Maria
Kolesnyk during a press conference "Consumer Basket of Ukrainians: Main
Products, Social and EconomicComponents".

2012-02-29 14:28:00
Ukraine, Cuba to implement several projects in medicine.
This was discussed during a meeting of Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov
with Vice-President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba Marino

2012-02-29 14:16:00
Kliuyev reiterates Ukraine's intention to develop cooperation with Customs Union
in 3+1 format.
Ukraine's cooperation with the Customs Union in the format 3+1 does not
contradict the terms of deepening economic integration with the European Union.

2012-02-29 14:02:00
Exactly 100 days left to Euro-2012.
According to German press, Ukraine has managed to prove its ability to cope with
the difficult task - to prepare for the European Football Championship. To
prepare necessary for Euro-2012 infrastructurewithin 1.5 years.

2012-02-29 13:49:00
Today State Space Agency of Ukraine celebrates 20th anniversary of its
Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU) Yuriy Alekseyev said that
the country's space industry had walked a long path over 20 years. Ukraine has
gained recognition among space-faring nations and joined the list of five
countries by the number of missilelaunches.


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Edition 28 February 2012
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Canada, EU trade talks 'intense'
` Canadian Trade Minister Ed Fast says trade talks with the European Union have entered an "intense" stage with only specific issues needing to be hammered out, Mr. Fast said reaching an agreement with Europe and its 500 million consumers and $17-trillion economy is Canada's top trade priority, bigger than China, India or the newly forming Trans-Pacific Partnership. According to a government analysis, a comprehensive trade agreement with the EU could boost the country's gross domestic product output by $12 billion annually, and create 80,000 new jobs. The minister would not confirm reports that a deal could be reached as early as April. Both ministers representing Ontario and British Columbia said they supported the Harper government's approach, and suggested the area of provincial government procurement, which has typically not been part of the free trade agreements, would not be a deal-breaker. One point yet to be settled is provincial procurement in the area of energy and some services. As well, Europe is demanding that Canada extend the period of data protection on new drugs from eight to 10 years, a measure that would impact Ontario's generic drug industry and could result in higher prescription drug prices.

New federal judicial measure called costly
The independent Parliamentary budget officer says a federal measure to restrict conditional sentences for offenders is going to cost the provinces and territories more than $100 million a year. Kevin Page's report says about 3,800 additional offenders would face jail time under changes to the Criminal Code contained in the Conservative omnibus crime bill. And the cost per offender to Canadian taxpayers would increase to $41,000 from the current $2,600. Conditional sentences are only available to non-violent offenders facing less than two years jail time. The sentences are served in provincial jails.

Disabled cruise ship has Canadian passengers
Canada's foreign affairs department says there are 14 Canadians, including one crew member, aboard a crippled Italian cruise liner being towed in the Indian Ocean. The Costa Allegra, carrying 636 passengers and 413 crew, lost power Monday after a fire in its generator room. The ship is now being towed to the Seychelles Islands through waters prowled by pirates. Helicopters ferried food, flashlights and phones to the liner Tuesday. Company officials say the ship could reach the main Seychelles island of Mahe by late Wednesday or early Thursday, depending on sea conditions. The department says the Canadian High Commission in Tanzania is working with other foreign missions to provide consular assistance to the Canadians aboard once they arrive in the Seychelles.
The fire aboard the Costa Allerga comes only six weeks after one of its sister ships, the Costa Concordia, hit a reef and capsized off Italy, killing 25 people and leaving seven missing and presumed dead. No one was injured in the fire Monday, but the blaze set the liner adrift at sea in a region where Somali pirates are known to
prey on ships.

Defence of navy officer accused of spying never threatened harm
His defence lawyer said Tuesday that a navy intelligence officer accused of passing information to a foreign entity never did anything to threaten the safety of his fellow troops, Mike Taylor said the public needs to understand that the
allegations against Sub.-Lt. Jeffrey Paul Delisle, while serious, don't mean he is accused of endangering his military comrades. The lawyer says it is too early to say how Delisle will plead, adding that he only recently received disclosure of portions of the Crown's case. The accused faces two charges of violating the Security of Information Act that deal with communicating information that could harm national interests. The Halifax man also faces a breach of trust charge under the Criminal Code. Up until 2010, Delisle worked for both the Chief of Defence Intelligence and at the Strategic Joint Staff, which oversees virtually every major aspect of the military's domestic and international plans and operations.

Canadian navy plans new subs
The head of the Royal Canadian Navy says plans will be drawn up soon to start building new submarines. Vice-Admiral Paul Maddison told a Senate committee in the federal capital Ottawa that Canada cannot lose the capability of underwater surveillance and attack. His comments come as the navy's four submarines are out of service because of technical problems, accidents and a fatal fire.

U.S. state indicts Canadians for illegal gambling
U.S. authorities on Tuesday seized the gambling website Bodog and announced the indictment of four Canadians on charges of illegal sports betting, including founder Calvin Ayre. The federal grand jury indictment of Bodog Entertainment Group, Mr. Ayre, James Philip, David Ferguson and Derrick Maloney was unsealed in Baltimore, Maryland. Sports betting is illegal in Maryland. The indictment accuses Bodog and the four Canadians of conducting an illegal online sports gambling business and conspiring to commit money laundering between June 2005 and January 2012. It also accuses the alleged conspirators of having directed payment processors to send at least $100 million by wire and by check to gamblers located in Maryland and elsewhere. It was not immediately clear whether any of the four indicted Canadians were in U.S. custody.

Arctic lab to close
Canadian Arctic scientists have announced that a unique research station will close after last-ditch efforts to secure funding for it failed. Researchers with the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory say they will pull the plug on the facility at the end of April. They had tried for months to find money to replace a federal grant cut. The lab, high in the eastern Arctic on Ellesmere Island, measured air quality, ozone levels and climate change year-round. The data it produced was used by scientists across Canada and around the world. Program head James Drummond of Dalhousie University says the cuts are an example of the Conservative government's focus on research that will directly benefit industry instead of basic science.


UN revises Syria death toll upwards
The United Nations on Tuesday said "well over 7,500 people" have been killed in Syria during an 11-month government crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, raising its previous estimated death toll by nearly a third. UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs LynnPascoe told the Security Council that the firepower of the opposition forces appeared to be minimal compared to the heavy weapons being used by the Syrian army. The outside world has proved powerless to halt the killing in Syria, where repression of initially peaceful protests has spawned an armed insurrection. Russia and China have twice used their vetoes to block any action by the Security Council. Mrs. Pascoe's comments came as France announced that there would be a third attempt by the Council to pass a resolution on Syria, this time specifically to address the humanitarian crisis.

Putin unafraid
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday he was unafraid for his life and had grown used to plots to kill him, after state television reported a new conspiracy days before Russia's presidential poll. Russia's Channel One television on Monday showed two men with links to militants in Chechnya purportedly confessing to plans to blow up Putin's car after his expected return to the Kremlin in Sunday's ballot. Several independent analysts and some opposition media said the report's timing appeared aimed at inciting a groundswell of public support around Putin in the face of almost daily street protests against his rule. Mr. Putin's earlier career is linked closely to the decision to launch Russia's second war in Chechnya.

U.S. talks tough on Gulf spill
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress on Tuesday that the Justice Department is prepared to go to trial against companies involved in the Gulf oil spill if ongoing negotiations do not result in a settlement. At a hearing before a House appropriations subcommittee, the attorney general vowed that the federal government will hold people accountable in both a civil trial in federal court in New Orleans, if necessary, and in a criminal investigation. Mr. Holder agreed that the accident was the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. On Sunday, a judge called for a one-week delay in the start of the civil trial while negotiations continue.
The trial had been scheduled to begin Monday.

Death toll in Ohio school shooting reaches three
The death toll from a high school shooting rose to three Tuesday with two more teens succumbing to wounds suffered when a fellow student opened fire in a high school cafeteria. The alleged shooter, identified as 17-year-old T.J. Lane, opened fire Monday with a handgun on a group of fellow students in the cafeteria of Chardon Middle School shortly after the start of the school day. Lane was to be arraigned at a juvenile court hearing at 3:30 pm local time. Shocked residents of this close-knit community outside Cleveland struggled to comprehend how the tragedy could have happened. As in previous school shootings, the gunman's demons, the missed warning signs and U.S. gun laws leapt quickly to the fore. Students have described Lane as an "outcast" who had been bullied and said he had posted warnings on Twitter and left disturbing messages on Facebook.

Venezuelan undergoes new operation in Cuba
Venezuelan Vice President Elias Jaua told parliament on Tuesday that surgeons completely removed a lesion from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during an operation overnight in Cuba, Mr. Jaua said the 57-year-old socialist leader, who had two operations last year to remove a large cancerous tumor from his pelvis, was in good physical condition and that he was in direct contact with the government in Caracas.

Nation-wide protests held in India
Shops and banks were closed, factories shuttered and traffic sparse in major cities across India during an industrial strike Tuesday called by trade unions against the government. Eleven major trade unions called for the strike to protest against rampant inflation. Gurudas Dasgupta, leader of the All India Trade Union Congress, said nearly 5,000 other smaller workers' unions from different trades joined the strike. The trade unions are also protesting the government's policy of selling stakes in state-owned companies and the lack of social security for non-unionized workers. In New Delhi and Mumbai the effect of the strike was minimal. Banks and insurance offices were closed but buses and taxis plied the streets and shops were open for business.


Top Republican backs Canadian pipeline
The top Republican in the U.S. Congress wrote to President Barack Obama on Tuesday to urge him to "change course" and approve a controversial oil pipeline proposed by a Canadian firm, seeking to keep up election-year pressure on the Democrat amid rising gasoline prices. U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner also said Mr. Obama should fulfill his promise of a broad approach to ease U.S. dependence on foreign oil and drop opposition to legislation expanding domestic production. Republicans have intensified their attacks on the president's energy policies in recent days, focusing on rising gasoline prices that could hurt hisre-election prospects in the Nov. 6 election.
Mr. Obama last month rejected TranCanada Pipeline Corp.'s proposed Keystone XL crude oil pipeline through environmentally-sensitive areas of Nebraska from the U.S.-Canadian border. On Monday, the White House said it welcomed the company's proposal to build a southern leg of the pipeline and refile an application for the northern part of the route. But Mr. Boehner said the country could not afford to wait, citing the current turmoil in the Middle East and its effect on gas prices.

Northern pipeline project meets new rebuff
City councillors in Prince Rupert, BC, are the latest to officially oppose the Enbridge Inc. Northern Gateway oil pipeline project. The north coast city has unanimously adopted a resolution recently approved by the Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District outlining the potential devastation of an oil spill from tankers carrying Alberta crude to Asian markets. Councillor Jennifer Rice says Prince Rupert's silence could have been taken as acceptance of the $5.5-billion proposal to pipe Alberta oil across B.C. to Kitimat, where supertankers would carry it to overseas customers. Councillors in Terrace, 150 kilometres east of Prince Rupert, voted two weeks ago to oppose the pipeline project. At the time, B.C. Energy Minister Rich Coleman criticized Terrace, advising representatives to follow the provincial government's lead and remain neutral until a federal environmental review is complete.

Engineering giant launches probe of irregularities
Construction giant SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. said Tuesday it has launched an accounting probe into $35 million in undocumented payments the company booked last year, news that helped send its shares plummeting more than 20 per cent. Montreal-based SNC also says it will have to delay reporting its financial results and it now expects to see much lower profits than it originally forecast. The global engineering and construction company said Tuesday an investigation led by the audit committee of the board of directors is looking into the circumstances surrounding the payments that were assigned to projects to which they did not relate.
The investigation came as SNC cut its 2011 profit forecast by 18 per cent and delayed the release of its fourth-quarter and full-year financial results. SNC earned about $391 million in 2010. The engineering giant has recently been under fire over its operations in Libya and has defended itself against allegations it was excessively cosy with the former Gadhafi regime.

Toronto Stock Exchange on Tuesday: 12,740 + 40. Canadian dollar: US$1.00. Euro: $1.34. Oil: $106.76 - $1.80.


Canadiens legend Jean Beliveau has been hospitalized after suffering a stroke. The National Hockey League team said the 80-year-old Hall of Famer was admitted to hospital after having the stroke Monday evening. The teams says Beliveau "is currently undergoing active investigation and treatments." Beliveau played 20 NHL seasons from 1950 to 1971, all with the Montreal. He helped win 10 Stanley Cups.
The Saskatchewan Roughriders have added some depth at quarterback. The Canadian Football League club has signed 2007 Heisman Trophy finalist Colt Brennan. The 28-year-old was a sixth-round pick of the Washington Redskins in 2008. The Riders also signed quarterback Drew Willy. He has spent time with four National Football League clubs since 2009.


British Columbia on Wednesday: snow north, rain south, high C7 Vancouver. Yukon: mix sun cloud snow. Northwest Territories, Nunavut; mix sun cloud. Alberta, Manitoba: snow. Saskatchewan: mix sun cloud. Edmonton -8, Regina -2, Winnipeg -1. Ontario: snow north, mix snow rain south. Quebec: snow. Toronto 3, Ottawa -2, Montreal -4. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia: mix sun cloud. Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador: snow. Fredericton, Halifax -2, Charlottetown -5, St. John's -8.

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