Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Radio Prague Today 1.31.2012

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Czech government refuses to join EU's planned fiscal compact

The Czech government has refused to join the European Union's planned fiscal compact which paves the way for a closer coordination of fiscal policies within the bloc. At an EU summit in Brussels on Tuesday, Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas cited "ratification issues" as the main reason why the country will stay out of the pact, as the only EU member state besides the UK. The Czech refusal has already caused a stir on the domestic scene as Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said the move would harm the Czech Republic's interests. Jan Czech Radio's former correspondent in Brussels, Ondřej Houska summed up the reasons Prime Minister Nečas gave to back his decision.

Internet brings major advantages for the blind and visually impaired

Internet banking, online shopping, google searches – the internet has made our life much more convenient. And despite the fact that it is a highly visual medium, blind people, too, are increasingly taking advantage of the internet. But how do they perceive it and what are some of the difficulties of mastering the World Wide Web for those without eyesight?

Jaroslav Foglar and his "Rapid Arrows"

Writer and youth movement activist Jaroslav Foglar left a deep trace in Czech popular culture. Besides more than 25 novels for children, Jaroslav Foglar is also the father of Rychlé šípy, or "Rapid Arrows", a legendary comics that has earned a following with generations of Czech readers. Persecuted by the Nazis and the communists, the writer also single-handedly founded his own youth organization which, in its heyday, had tens of thousands of members across the country.