Friday, January 27, 2012

Radio Prague Today 1.27.2012

Articles posted on today

'Adolf Loos – A Private Portrait' offers readers a rare glimpse into the life of the modernist architect & marriage to Claire Beck

In today's Arts I talk to artist and editor Carrie Paterson about the first English-language edition of a rare and fascinating book originally published in 1936. Written by the third wife of modernist architect Adolf Loos, Claire Beck Loos (Klára Becková-Loosová of Plzeň) it was previously available only in German; the new edition, published by Doppelhouse Press, is called Adolf Loos – A Private Portrait.

Prague court delivers landmark ruling in home births advocates' battle with the state

A ruling on Thursday by a Prague court might lead to a breakthrough in the ongoing Czech debate about home births. While state officials and health care providers have consistently opposed the practice over safety concerns, the court decided that mothers indeed have the right to choose the place of their child's delivery, and the state has to provide all necessary assistance.

Business News 27.1.2012

The Czech Republic got 31 billion more than it gave from the EU in 2011; 15.6 billion may have to be returned to the EU due to errors in subsidies use; petrol prices continue to reach new records; banks plan to open dozens of new branches in 2012; Social Democrats propose bills to decrease household indebtedness.