Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Radio Prague Today 1.24.2012

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Tell of Bubeneč reveals oldest evidence of ploughing in the Czech lands

The Prague district of Bubeneč, in the bend of the Vltava river, is a quiet, mostly residential part of town, and a scene of continuous archaeological discoveries. People have been living in the area since at least the 5th millennium BC, when the phenomenon of agriculture began to spread through Central Europe. Only last year the district made the international news with the discovery of an atypical burial site from the ancient Corded Ware culture. Now archaeologists working on the site of the new Canadian embassy have found what appears to be the earliest use of agricultural ploughing in the Czech lands. In this episode of Czech History, Christian Falvey speaks with Petra Maříková Vlčková, one of the members of the archaeological team.

Defence minister wants Czech troops to stay in Afghanistan until 2014

Czech troops may stay in Afghanistan until the end of 2014. Defence Minister Alexandr Vondra, who is in the United States on a working visit, said he would ask the Czech Parliament to extend their mandate by another 24 months, as their current mandate will expire by the end of the year. However, the opposition has criticized Mr Vondra for announcing his plans without a prior debate in the lower house.

Nadal denies Berdych in tough four-setter at Australian Open

Men's World No. 7 Tomáš Berdych had been having a good season so far – recently winning, for example, the Hopman Cup in Australia with women's player Petra Kvitová; but on Tuesday he faced an even bigger challenge: trying to get past Spain's Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open to reach his first-ever semi-final at the Grand Slam tournament.