Monday, January 23, 2012

Radio Prague Today 1.23.2012

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Sports News 23.1.2012

Starting with tennis - there was an extraordinary set of events in the men's fourth round of the Australian Open, where the Czech seventh seed Tomas Berdych was booed off the Hisense Arena after an ill-tempered fourth-round victory over Nicolas Almagro.

Oldřich Černý – Head of the Forum 2000 Foundation

Oldřich Černý is executive director of the Forum 2000 Foundation, which every year invites some of the world's leading thinkers to a conference in Prague. Forum 2000 was cofounded by Václav Havel, with whom Mr. Černý was closely involved for many years. Indeed, he organised what was to be the former president's final public appearance, a meeting with the Dalai Lama, a week before his death last month.

A heart from melted candles: an unusual memorial for late Czech president Václav Havel

After the death of the former Czech president Václav Havel, thousands of people laid down wreaths and lit candles at impromptu memorial sites across the country. Now, two artists have decided to recycle those candles for an unusual memorial – a wax heart. Dozens of volunteers are currently working on the "A heart for Havel" initiative at a Prague cultural center.