Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Radio Prague Today 1.18.2012

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Through Emperor Rudolf's water tunnel under Letná

The Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II left a deep mark in Czech history. Various legends and myths surround the 16th century ruler who made Prague his imperial seat and whose diverse interests made the city a centre of Renaissance arts and sciences. One monument from his time is hidden beneath the surface of the earth – a water tunnel carved deep into the rock of one of Prague's hills.

Car manufacturers in Czech Republic to roll out new mid-priced vehicles in 2012

Despite gloomy news and grim forecasts almost all around these days one sector of the economy - namely the automotive industry – is in top gear. In 2011, two out of three manufacturers – Hyundai and Škoda Auto exceeded previous expectations, and while TPCA suffered a drop in production, all three together produced a record 1,186,000 vehicles. And they are gearing up for an equally good year in 2012, reading to launch mid-priced new or revamped models aimed at both the domestic market and markets abroad.

Deputies get off scot-free for breach of good manners

Is giving the finger to a fellow member of Parliament or calling him an idiot acceptable? It is in the Czech Republic, at least according to MPs themselves. The mandate and immunity committee of the lower house this week dismissed two such cases, saying they would only resort to punishment if the situation worsened. Radio Prague spoke to political analyst Karel Müller from Prague's University of Economics, and asked him whether we should we come to accept such coarse behaviour.