Saturday, January 14, 2012

Radio Prague Today 1.14.2012

Articles posted on today

Seeking asylum in communist Czechoslovakia

Czechoslovakia played an active part in the Soviet Union's propaganda war with the United States during the 1950s, a time of edginess and paranoia on both sides. There was no shortage of people trying to flee across the Iron Curtain to the West, but every now and then the flight would be in the other direction, and someone from the West would actively seek asylum in the Communist Bloc. For the communist regimes this was a propaganda opportunity not to be missed.

From Karel ńĆapek to Graham Greene: a Scottish poet's memories of Prague

In a recent edition of Czech Books we looked at the Prague-inspired poetry of the Scottish poet, Edwin Muir. But it was not just in his poetry that Muir evoked the atmosphere of the Czech capital. David Vaughan finds out more in this week's Czech Books.

Screen Czech 14.1.2012

In this edition of Screen Czech: just what is it that Czechs like in their movies? That and other questions will be answered by Briana Cechova, the head of the Czech National Film Archive. And, a look back on the one of the Czech Republic's most famous film directors.