Friday, January 13, 2012

Radio Prague Today 1.13.2012

Articles posted on today

Prosecutors rule out murder in north Bohemian shooting

Prosecutors investigating a New Year's Day shooting in the north Bohemian town of Tanvald, which left a Romany man dead and injured another, have ruled out murder or any other premeditated crime. The investigators on Friday said the 63-year-old shooter was facing an intense assault by two Romany men in a conflict that had no racial or material motives.

Josef Škvorecký – Part 1 – The Cowards

In this week's Arts we will be looking back at the remarkable life and work of renowned writer, essayist and translator Josef Škvorecký who died earlier this month at the age of 87. The author of novels such as The Engineer of Human Souls was one of the most important in 20th century Czech literature, first making his mark in 1958 with The Cowards. To discuss that book and much, much more in the first of a two-part programme, I met with respected Czech critic, translator, specialist in Czech studies and Revolver Revue contributor Petr Onufer. In Part 1, we look largely Škvorecký's debut, The Cowards.

Business News 13.1.2012

In today's business news: Consumer prices have risen by 4.7 percent following a VAT hike, the American Anheuser-Bush purchases the Budějovický měšťanský brewery in hopes of improving its chances in an ongoing trademark dispute, public health insurer VZP may see a budget deficit of up to three billion Czech crowns in 2012, regular and diesel fuel reach record prices, and the forecast for the Czech construction sector for 2012 is the worst among the Visegrad Four.