Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Radio Prague Today 1.11.2012

Articles posted on today

Extremist lawyer claims judicial expert biased because of Jewish background

Michal Mazel, a highly-respected judicial expert on extremism in the Czech Republic (whose testimony was crucial in such cases as the Vítkov arson attack and the dissolution of the rightwing Workers' Party), has resigned after an objection was filed against his assessment in a current case. Lawyer Petr Kočí filed the objection on behalf of his client, a member of the extremist Workers' Party for Social Justice, charged with inciting ethnic hatred, that Mr Mazel is biased because of his Jewish background. For the judicial expert the objection was the last straw; the move also shocked others, fuelling calls for the lawyer to be disbarred.

Czech scientists find hope for improved cancer treatment

A major advance in cancer treatment may be on the way, thanks in part to the work of Czech scientists. Researchers from the Czech Academy of Sciences in collaboration with colleagues in the UK have made significant progress in developing chemotherapy that is free of side effects.

The Museum of Decorative Arts – a must-see destination for fans of Czech design

Lovers of Czech applied arts and design will find a veritable treasure trove of interesting items, ranging from glass wares to clocks and metal works, in Prague's Museum of Decorative Arts. Located right across the street from the well-known Rudolfinum palace, the museum is housed in a stunning Neo-Renaissance building. It was one of the last in Prague to be designed in that style. The architect was Josef Schulz, who also was behind the Czech National Museum.