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News 1.6.2012

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News Friday, January 6th, 2012

By: Daniela Lazarova

* The husband of Ukraine's jailed opposition leader Julija Tymoshenko
has been granted political asylum in the Czech Republic.

* Prague Archbishop Dominik Duka has been named cardinal by the Pope.

* The Czech health authorities have advised women who received risky
French breast implants to undergo repeat surgery.

* Road maintenance crews are struggling to deal with the consequences
of heavy snow in the north of the country.

* In tennis, the Czech team has beaten Denmark to reach the finals of
the Hopman Cup.

Tymoshenko's husband granted asylum in Czech Republic

The husband of Ukraine's jailed opposition leader Julija Tymoshenko has
been granted political asylum in the Czech Republic. Czech Interior
Minister Jan Kubice confirmed the news at a press briefing on Friday
afternoon, saying the request had been filed several months ago.

The former Ukrainian prime minister was sentenced to seven years in
prison last October for abuse of office in what the European Union
denounced as a politically-motivated trial. The asylum granted to her
husband Oleksander Tymoshenko is the second high profile case the
country has dealt with in the past 12 months. Last year it granted
asylum to a former economics minister in the Tymoshenko cabinet.

Ukraine's ruling Party of the Regions says the request for asylum was
financially motivated, claiming that Tymoshenko's husband wanted to
transfer abroad funds that his wife received from political sponsors.

Archbishop Duka named cardinal

Prague Archbishop Dominik Duka is among 22 archbishops elevated to the
rank of cardinal by Pope Benedict on Friday. The pope announced their
appointment following an Epiphany Mass in the Vatican and will elevate
them to their new rank in a formal ceremony on February 18. The
sixty-eight year old Dominik Duka is the country's second living
cardinal alongside Miloslav Vlk. The head of the Czech Catholic Church
will thus join the conclave that will one day help elect the Pope's

Czech health authorities advise women to replace PIP implants

Czech women with silicone breast implants manufactured by a French firm
accused of using unapproved industrial-grade material should have them
replaced, a Health Ministry spokesman said on Friday. The
recommendation follows a consultative meeting of a commission of
experts who met to weigh up the risks. Women who refuse to undergo
repeat surgery have been advised to have regular check-ups. It is not
yet clear who will finance the operations, though the country's largest
health insurer VZP said Thursday it would cover the cost of repeat
surgery for all women who undertook it for health reasons. An estimated
2,000 Czech women received the risky implants.

Czech PM on a visit to France

The EU's debt crisis, energy issues and the state of bilateral
relations topped the agenda of a meeting between French Prime Minister
Francois Fillon and the visiting Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas on
Friday. The French Areva is one of the bidders for the contract on the
completion of the Czech nuclear power plant at Temelin. The two
officials reportedly also discussed new possibilities in the field of
scientific and technological cooperation. Prime Minister Necas is also
due to meet with French President Nikolas Sarkozy on Friday evening.

Opposition wants parliament debate on problems in EU subsidies

The opposition Social Democrats say they will request a special session
of Parliament to deal with the country's persisting problems in drawing
subsidies from EU funds. Party leader Bohuslav Sobotka said on Friday
that there was a very real threat of the EC halting subsidies to
several ministries which consistently fail to meet the respective
criteria. The situation is reportedly worst in the Education Ministry,
the Environment Ministry and the Ministry for Local Development.

Czech industrial output accelerates growth

Czech industrial output accelerated its annual growth in November to
5.4 percent from October��s 1.7 percent, the Czech Statistical Office
said Friday. Seasonally adjusted industrial output rose by 2.7 percent
month on month. The results were influenced by a long-term positive
development in the automotive industry as well as by cumulative
completion of orders with a longer production cycle in the engineering
industry and the production of heavy transport technology,
statisticians said.

November trade surplus narrows on export growth

The Czech Republic's foreign trade balance remained in surplus in
November, though it narrowed on the month due largely to accelerating
import growth, the Czech Statistics Office said Friday. The country's
November trade surplus totalled 18.41 billion crowns, down from a
surplus of 25.96 billion in October. Imports rose 6.3% on the year in
November following a 3.5% annual gain in October, while exports rose
9.6% annually in the month compared with an 8.6% annual increase a
month earlier.

Heavy snow complicating road traffic

Road maintenance crews are struggling to deal with the consequences of
heavy snow in the north of the country. Several roads in the Krusne
Hory mountains remain closed and traffic police have issued a warning
regarding the state of the D8 motorway. The clean-up operation is
complicated by strong winds.

Tennis: Czechs beat Denmark to reach Hopman Cup final

The Czech team beat Denmark 2:0 on Friday to reach the final of the
Hopman Cup in Perth, Australia. In the ladies' singles match, Petra
Kvitova, ranked number two in the world, defeated the world's number
one Carolina Wozniacki 7:6, 3:6, 6:4; Tomas Berdych then beat Fredrik
Nielsen 6:1, 6:3. In Saturday's final, Petra Kvitova and Tomas Berdych
will face Marion Bartoli and Richard Gasquet of France. If the
21-year-old Petra Kvitova wins the Sydney International tournament next
week, she will replace Wozniacki as the world's number one in ladies'


The coming days should be partly cloudy to overcast with rain and snow
in the higher altitudes. Day temperatures between 1and 5 degrees

Articles posted on today

Business News 6.1.2012

In this week's business news: An increase of the lower category VAT has
gone into effect, Czech online discount sites see steep increases in
sales, hard liquor consumption is on the decline, Skoda Auto has sold a
record number of cars in 2011, and the Czech Agriculture and Food
Inspection Authority says that 15 percent of food products it inspected
in 2011 failed to meet its quality standards.

Artist, mother and teacher - the three lives of painter Tereza Limanova

Born and raised in Prague, Tereza Limanova captures the city in an
unusual way in her paintings. She paints mostly landscapes, but in an
abstract and reduced style that may well stem from what she describes
as an almost obsessive fear of kitsch. Her latest exhibition "From
Colors to Whiteness: From Jinonice to Kosire" is currently on display
at Prague 5's town hall gallery and closes Friday. It focuses on the
unusual sights and landscapes of Prague 5, a mostly residential
neighborhood far from the golden steeples that most visitors of the
Czech capital come to see. During a recent interview at the gallery,
Tereza explained how she discovered her love of painting as a child

Czech Republic to grant asylum to Yulia Tymoshenko's husband

The Czech Republic will grant political asylum to Oleksandr Tymoshenko,
the husband of the jailed former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia
Tymoshenko. Mr Tymoshenko reportedly filed his petition at the end of
last year with the Czech Interior Ministry which is resolved to comply
with the request, according to the foreign minister.

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