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News 1.15.2012

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News Sunday, January 15th, 2012

By: Jan Richter

* The Czech government wants to extend legal deadlines for some
privatization cases from the 1990s.

* Some 300 people turned up for an anti-Romany rally in the northern
town of Varnsdorf.

* Czechs would like a theatre rather than Prague airport to be named
after the late president Vaclav Havel, a new poll suggests.

* One person died, 40 were evacuated in an apartment building fire in
Vrbno pod Pradedem, in the northeast of the country.

* The Czech national handball team has beaten Germany in the opening
game of the European championships in Serbia.

Deputy PM: government to extend deadlines for 1990s privatization cases

The government would like to extend legal deadlines for some
privatization cases from the 1990s, deputy PM Karolina Peake told Czech
TV on Sunday. This year, the statutes of limitations will expire in
some of the biggest privatization deals, including those of the mining
firm OKD and the engineering company Skoda Plzen; Ms Peake said she
would propose the extend these deadlines so that their investigation
could be completed.

Hundreds gather for anti-Romany rally in Varnsdorf

Some 300 people gathered in the town Varnsdorf, in northern Bohemia, on
Sunday to call for protection against crime ascribed to local Romanies.
The protestors also criticized the authorities for not providing
information about crimes allegedly committed by the Romany minority. No
incidents were reported to have taken place at the rally. In recent
years, the poor north Bohemian region has been ridden with ethnic
tensions between Romanies and ethnic Czechs; after a series of
conflicts last year, the government increased police presence in the
area and promised to implement social programmes.

Theatre, rather than airport should be named after Vaclav Havel: poll

Czechs would like one of the country's leading theatres, rather than
Prague airport, to be named after the late president Vaclav Havel,
according to an online poll by the Sanep agency released on Sunday.
Nearly 24 percent of those polled said they preferred a theatre to bear
the name of Vaclav Havel, compared to the less than 20 percent who want
Prague's Ruzyne airport to be named after him. Over 18 percent of the
people who took part in the survey would like to rename one of Prague's
prominent streets in Vaclav Havel's honour, while just over 20 percent
would not rename anything.

The former Czech president, dissident and playwright Vaclav Havel died
on December 18, 2011, aged 75. The authorities have not yet decided how
to honour his memory although many proposals have been put up for

Early retirement bonuses to be available to all professions

Planned early retirement bonuses should be made available to workers of
all professions, according to the Czech Finance Ministry. A spokesman
for the ministry told the news agency CTK on Sunday new legislation
that is being prepared by the ministry would not limit these benefits
to people with demanding jobs, as originally proposed. Beginning in
January 2013, people with individual retirement pension accounts should
be able to apply for early retirement under better conditions than
before; the state will cover their health and social insurance. The
planned changes are part of the government's overhaul of the pension

Long Live the Family wins four film critics awards

The film Rodina je zaklad statu, or Long Live the Family, by Robert
Sedlacek, won four annual Czech film critics' awards 2011. The film
captures some of the issues of the contemporary Czech society by
following a bank manager running away from the police with his family
which is not aware of his problems. The movie received awards for best
film, best director, best screenplay and best actress in supporting
role which went to Simona Babcakova. The film Flower Buds won awards
for best camera and best actor in leading role. Alois Nebel received
the award for best musical score.

One dead in apartment building fire

One person died in an apartment building fire in Vrbno pod Pradedem, in
the north east of the country, on Saturday night; 40 people had to be
evacuated. The fire broke out in a flat on the third floor of the
four-storey building; nine apartments were destroyed by fire; others
were severely damaged by smoke and water. The evacuees were put up in a
local gym before the local authorities find substitute accommodation
for them. The cause of the fire is being investigated; the fire brigade
estimated the damage at around eight million crowns.

Handball: Czechs beat Germany at European championships

The Czech national handball team beat Germany 27:24 on Sunday in the
opening game of the European championships in the Serbian city of Nis.
The Czechs had a very good start and were ahead 8:3 in the 11th minute,
leading 14:9 at halftime. After the intermission, the Germans pushed
hard to equalize but only managed to get one goal behind the Czech team
which eventually gained a five-goal lead. The German side came close
again in the final part of the match but the Czechs held out. The game
was considered very prestigious as 11 out of 16 players on the Czech
team play in the German top handball league, including the current
World Handball Player Filip Jicha who scored seven goals the game.


The start of the week will be mostly overcast, with snow and rain in
lower places. Daytime highs should range between -2 and +2 degrees

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