Thursday, December 8, 2011

Radio Prague Today 12.8.2011

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Consumer protection advocate: people need to say what's wrong

Twenty-two years after the fall of communism Czech shops are crammed with goods and people have long forgotten the hours they spent waiting in line to buy bananas and oranges for their Christmas table – a rare treat unavailable throughout the year. Shopping malls and supermarkets now offer a wide variety of goods sold across Europe. But beneath the surface of the glossy packaging –there's a small hitch. Discerning shoppers often find that certain brand products they relished abroad still don't taste quite as good in the Czech Republic. I met up with Miroslav Huml from the consumer protection agency spotř to find out why this may be so and how the position of the Czech consumer has changed over the years.

Russian President Medvedev signs business contracts, opens exhibition at Prague Castle

More than a dozen important bilateral agreements and business deals were on the agenda of a two-day state visit to Prague by the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his entourage. Bilateral relations were at the forefront of attention, but topics such as the eurozone's debt crisis and the recent parliamentary elections in Russia were also addressed.

Culture minister resigns amidst corruption allegations

Czech Culture Minister Jiří Besser tendered his resignation to the prime minister on Thursday amidst allegations of corruption and unethical behavior. The minister said that while he was innocent of any wrongdoing he felt that he lacked support in the cabinet and in his own party which would allow him to defend his case. He is the seventh minister forced out of the Nečas government since it took office in June of 2010.