Saturday, December 3, 2011

Radio Prague Today 12.3.2011

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Mailbox 3.12.2011

Today in Mailbox: the 22nd anniversary of the Velvet Revolution; the Ministry of Industry and Trade is considering cancelling a long-running health subsidy for miners; Radio Prague's correspondence with DX-ers during the Cold War; Radio Prague's English broadcasts on DRM in Europe; mystery Czech quiz. Listeners quoted: Mary Lou Krenek, David Eldridge, Bo Sundin, Daniel Kähler, Patrick Robič, Hans Verner Lollike, Li Ming, Colin Law, Charles Konecny, Jayanta Chakrabarty.

The success story of Petr Kosiner, the dumpling king of Prague

Tram and car traffic is heavy on Prague's Dukelských Hrdinů St. – not a very inviting location to open a business in the middle of the financial crisis. Yet the 45-year-old cook gone entrepreneur Petr Kosiner has set up his store Lázníčkový knedlík here. It is the only brick-and-mortar shop in Prague to sell homemade dumplings. Since it opened seven months ago, the store and the humble goods it sells have turned out to be so popular that already its owner has a hard time keeping up with the huge demand. Both restaurant professionals and regular people shop here, he says.

Stalin and Gottwald: together in life and death

When Joseph Stalin died on March 5 1953, it sent shockwaves round the world. In Czechoslovakia his personality cult had been almost as overwhelming as in the Soviet Union itself. At the time of his death, work was already well under way to build the biggest statue of the Soviet dictator in the world – unveiled two years later in Letná Park. Stalin had a close ally and kindred spirit in the Czechoslovak President, Klement Gottwald, and Gottwald ignored warnings from his doctors in order to attend his friend and protector's funeral. Before leading the Czechoslovak delegation to Moscow, he had a few words for his country's citizens.