Friday, December 30, 2011

Radio Prague Today 12.30.2011

Articles posted on today

Czechs wax sentimental over Václav Havel's legacy

As the shock of Václav Havel's death slowly wears off, Czechs are considering the best possible ways to honour his memory and uphold his legacy for future generations. Proposals range from the sentimental – a heart of wax melted from the thousands of candles people lit for their hero –to the stately - a law stating his contribution to freedom and democracy.

Business News 30.12.2011

In Business news this week: Czech crown falls to its lowest to the dollar since July 2010; Česká spořitelna withdraws from legal battle over bankrupt lottery firm Sazka; Czech foreign debt reaches 49 percent of GDP; sales of alcoholic beverages took another slump this year; and Czech Republic's Vietnamese community launches its own discount website.

How the Velvet Revolution overturned the literary landscape

Writers were at the forefront of the Velvet Revolution. But when the dust settled on the political changes they found a fast changing publishing revolution underway that left some of them sidelined. We look at the changes in the publishing and literary world over the last two decades.