Friday, December 2, 2011

Radio Prague Today 12.2.2011

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Business News 2.12.2011

In Business News this week: the Czech Finance Minister warns of disastrous consequences the fall of the euro would have for Czech economy; Czech banks pass new stress tests but Moody's downgrades their outlook to 'negative'; Westinghouse signs cooperation deal with Vítkovice engineering firm; Škoda Auto announces plans to develop a new SUV model; and Nová Paka in eastern Bohemia is named the Czech town for business.

Debuting director Miroslav Ondruš on his new psychological thriller Vendeta

In this week's Arts my guest is a new film director Miroslav Ondruš whose debut feature film Vendeta is now in Czech cinemas. The film, as the name suggests, is a psychological thriller with revenge at its dark heart. It stars an intense Ondřej Vetchý as a father who loses a loved one and is already being described as one of his finest performances.

New legislation proposes legalization of medical cannabis under strict rules

A government expert group is adding finishing touches to new draft legislation proposing the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. While still banning patients from growing medical cannabis on their own, the amended legislation allows importing as well as the cultivation of medical hemp by local private companies under strict state supervision. The committee, whose existence was prompted by a petition initiated earlier this year by doctors, researchers and patients and is supported by the chairwoman of the lower house of Parliament, is supposed to submit the final draft proposal to the Prime Minister in about a week's time.