Monday, December 19, 2011

Radio Prague Today 12.19.2011

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Václav Havel's decency gave him courage, says his former advisor Jiří Pehe

People in the Czech Republic and around the world hail the late ex-president Václav Havel as a great European, a humanist and a man who stood up to the communist regime, a decent and courageous man who led his country to democracy. In this special edition of One on One, we talk to political commentator Jiří Pehe who served as Václav Havel's chief political advisor in the late 1990s.

Nation mourns death of a hero

The death of Vaclav Havel stopped Czechs in their tracks on Sunday. A hush fell over the country as thousands of people gathered to light candles and pay a silent tribute to the hero of the Velvet Revolution. At 6 pm bells around the Czech Republic tolled in memory of the man who showed endless courage in the face of oppression and who led his nation on the road to freedom and democracy.

International press responds to the loss of a great European leader

The Guardian in the UK looks at President Havel in the European context. Their editorial describes the president as "a politician whose vision and wit embraced not just the art of the possible but of the impossible too". All the states of Europe, the paper writes "have to be open to the new, the brave and the difficult without abandoning the moral, the wise and the treasured.

Václav Havel - 'Guardian Angel'

This play is vintage Havel, his only radio play, dating back to the first half of 1968, when he was at the height of his creative powers. Not long after it was completed, Soviet tanks brought an end to the reforms of the Prague Spring, and for two decades the play was left on the shelf.