Friday, December 16, 2011

Radio Prague Today 12.16.2011

Articles posted on today

Jazz legend Emil Viklický

It has been a good year for Czech jazz legend Emil Viklický, beginning with a Presidential Medal of Merit and ending with the release of two new albums, one in Germany called "Spring Awakening" and another in Japan, where he plays regularly, called Kafka on the Shore, a Tribute to Haruki Murakami. In the first part of a wide-ranging interview with the pianist we began by talking about his English, which he told me he originally picked up from his black fellow musicians in the 1970…

Business News 16.12.2011

In Business News this week: a poll suggests that a majority of Czech business leaders oppose contributing to the EU's efforts to save the euro; Central Bank governor says that the loan to the IMF will have to be very seriously considered; The government's economic advisory council NERV acquaints PM with detailed crisis scenario.

Religion, ethnicity ignored by many Czechs in latest population census

Over the past decade, Czech society has seen a number of interesting changes and trends, as shown by preliminary results of the 2011 population census which were released on Thursday. The figures show the country's population grew a little, mainly due to migration. Czechs are also more educated than they used to be, and many more of them live alone. If people's answers in the census are to be trusted, more people declared themselves to be Jedi knights than Romanies.