Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Radio Prague Today 12.14.2011

Articles posted on today

Czech MPs approve direct presidential election

After years of debate, the lower house of the Czech Parliament on Wednesday voted in favour of direct presidential elections. A last-minute deal between the coalition and the opposition Social Democrats ensured sufficient support for the motion; if approved by the Senate, it will allow Czechs to elect their president directly for the first time in 2013 when Václav Klaus leaves office.

Survey suggests a fifth of Czech companies will introduce layoffs in 2012

For many people 2012 promises to be a tough year or at least one of big changes: a new survey by the Czech Chamber of Commerce has suggested that every fifth company in the Czech Republic is planning layoffs in reaction to the slowing economy – some letting go hundreds, while others will cuts jobs for dozens of employees.

Strážnice open-air folk museum offers a glimpse of life in past centuries

In today's Spotlight we travel to South Moravia, to the town of Strážnice, the heart of the ethnographic region of Slovácko. The town is a traditional centre of regional ethnographic festivities. Today we take you to the Strážnice open-air folk museum featuring local village architecture and showing glimpses of life in the past centuries.