Monday, December 12, 2011

Radio Prague Today 12.12.2011

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Sports News 12.12.2011

In Sports News: Czech women's floorball team wins bronze at World Floorball Championships; in the domestic hockey league, Tipsport extraliga Pardubice trounce Sparta; star Czech hockey forward Jaromír Jágr sets a new milestone scoring his 656 NHL goal, tying Brendan Shanahan as No. 11 all-time scorer; Czech ski jumper Hlava finishes 13th in Harrachov.

Plan to save euro met with mixed reactions among officials and pundits

While the Czech Republic has not yet made a final decision as to whether to contribute 3.5 billion euros to the IMF package intended to save the common European currency and the eurozone, the Czech Foreign Minister says the country can either join the majority of EU countries in their efforts and remain in the centre of further integration, or face marginalization in the union.

Tomáš Zilvar – magazine publisher focused on future media

Back in the mid 1990s Tomáš Zilvar quickly moved from putting together DIY fanzines to publishing glossy titles like Tripmag and XMAG, magazines that were focused on electronic music at a time when that genre was really taking off among young Czechs. Today Zilvar, who is still in his early 30s, has two jobs: running the Prague office of the hip New York-based magazine and website Vice; and offering digitalisation services to Czech media outlets and authors keen to enter the age of e-readers.