Saturday, December 10, 2011

Radio Prague Today 12.10.2011

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The prison poet: remembering Ivan Martin Jirous

Last month was the end of an era in Czech poetry. The man who practically embodied the poetic underground of the 1970s and 80s, Ivan Martin Jirous – alias Magor, or Loony in English – died at the age of 67. Not only was Magor one of best Czech poets of his generation, but also the driving force behind the underground rock scene. He embodied the longing for rebellion and freedom, as so-called "normalization" sucked the air out of Czech and Slovak society. In Czech Books, David Vaughan talks to one of Magor's close friends and associates.

Yuri Gagarin: to Prague via the stratosphere

Even after the death of Stalin in the Soviet Union and Klement Gottwald in Czechoslovakia the 1950s remained a period of high political tension between East and West. The Cold War was at its height; with it came the arms race and the space race. Here is Czechoslovakia's president Antonín Novotný, in a New Year radio address on January 1 1958:

Science Journal 10.12.2011

We are not going so very far from Earth today, only two and a half light-minutes or so, to a point where, come 2017, Czech technology will be orbiting our Sun, and helping to answer some of its secrets.