Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Radio Prague Today 11.1.2011

Articles posted on www.radio.cz today

Josef Lada – landscape painter and Švejk illustrator

As one art critic once said, the paintings of Josef Lada accompany Czechs from cradle to grave. He is as well known for his illustrations of fairy tales and children's readers as he is for his landscapes, which each Christmas are printed thousands of times over on the front of the nation's Christmas cards. Lada was also the artist who gave the grinning, rotund Good Soldier Švejk his form.

Finance ministry considers crisis measures after economic growth projected at just one percent

Gloomy growth predictions across Europe have led the Czech Finance Ministry to revise its growth forecast for 2012 downward to at best 1 percent – a dip that will leave the government at least 18 billion crowns in the hole. Already a number of crisis scenarios are being drawn up to counter the drop in revenues. For many Czechs, already forced to tighten their belts under government reforms, it will mean even tougher times ahead.

Crossing the great divide on All Souls Day

The Czech Republic may be one of the most secular nations in Europe but All Souls Day - the day of remembrance for the departed – is a sacred family tradition handed down from generation to generation. As the holiday approaches the country's cemeteries –well-tended throughout the year – are ablaze with candles and flowers as Czechs pay their respects to the dead.