Friday, October 7, 2011

Radio Prague Today 10.7.2011

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Business News 7.10.2011

The Czech government's pilot bond issue is sold out weeks ahead of deadline; long-term unemployment rate drops in the second quarter of 2011; the budget deficit reaches almost 80 percent of 2011 projected figure; next year's state budget draft proposes public service job cuts; dozens of solar power companies demand compensation from Czech government.

Pilot emission of government bonds sells like hot cakes

The government's offer of state bonds, enabling citizens to invest in the national debt, has proved hugely successful. After registering orders for more than 16.5 billion crowns, way over the set 10 billion crown target, the Finance Ministry terminated all registrations on Friday, three weeks ahead of the scheduled date. Although public interest surpassed all expectations, critics say it was a costly and unnecessary transaction.

Author Jaroslav Rudiš discusses Alois Nebel – graphic novel and film focussing on the fog of history and troubled European past

In this week's Arts, I speak to Jaroslav Rudiš, the author of an influential graphic novel (trilogy, actually) that delves into the fog of history and troubled Central European past. The story of Alois Nebel – a slightly mad railwayman working in a remote border region – it has been made into a new film that premiered last week in the Czech Republic after being featured in festivals in Venice and Toronto.