Saturday, October 29, 2011

Radio Prague Today 10.29.2011

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Robert Fulghum's tango for one in Prague

The best-selling American writer Robert Fulghum has such an enthusiastic following in the Czech Republic that he has published several of his books here in Czech translation before they have even appeared at home. That includes his latest book, "If You Love Me Still, Will You Love Me Moving?" Its subtitle "Tales from the Century Ballroom" hints at its theme – that most passionate of ballroom dances, tango. Last week Robert Fulghum was in Prague to promote the book, and found time to pay a visit to the radio. David Vaughan met him.

The unresolved mystery of the death of Jan Masaryk

"We are a small country with a great tradition of freedom. We shall not give it up." These are the words of Jan Masaryk, the son of Czechoslovakia's first President Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, addressing American servicemen in Plzeň in a tone of great optimism in November 1945. During the wartime occupation Masaryk had served as Czechoslovak foreign minister in exile in London, and he remained in the post after his return home, deciding to stay on even after the communist coup of February 1948. His immense popularity meant that the communists put up with his presence, although his pro-Western views, reinforced by the fact that his mother had been American, were totally at odds with the rest of the government.

Barrandov Studios

In this month's show we will be talking a look behind the hallowed grey facade of one of the Czech Republic's most famous institutions – Barrandov Studios, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary.