Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Radio Prague Today 10.18.2011

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Jana Horáková-Kánský - still proud of mother's "enormous courage"

In Czechs in History this week, we speak to Jana Horáková-Kánský, daughter of one of Czechoslovakia's best known victims of Communist-era oppression, the democratic MP and wartime resistance hero Milada Horáková. Jana, Milada Horáková's only child, was just a teenager when her mother was executed on trumped up charges of treason and espionage in a 1950 show trial. Her father - who was also targeted by the Communist regime - made a daring escape from Czechoslovakia shortly afterwards, leaving Jana in the care of relatives. For years she was denied the opportunity to study, finally finding work as a dental technician. In 1968 she emigrated to the United States, where she's lived ever since.

Prison mutiny thwarted

It has emerged that police and prison guards last week thwarted the biggest ever prison mutiny in the country's history. The plot was allegedly hatched by jailed members of the Berdych gang -the largest organized crime ring in the Czech Republic with links to former elite police officers and is said to have involved dozens of prisoners in jailhouses around the country.

Korean ambassador on bilateral ties, investment opportunities and culinary experiences

In the coming weeks, people in Prague will have a unique opportunity to sample traditional dishes and delicacies from South Korea – thanks to an event organized by the country's embassy. At its launch in a Prague hotel, Radio Prague spoke to the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Czech Republic Gabriel OH and first asked him whether Czechs have many opportunities to try Korean food in restaurants or buy the necessary ingredients.