Thursday, October 13, 2011

Radio Prague Today 10.13.2011

Articles posted on today

Czech volunteers help save stray dogs in Slovakia

A group of Czech volunteers are helping to save stray dogs in neighbouring Slovakia where there is a widespread practice of exterminating them. Over two thousand animals a year are legally put down in this manner, regardless of the fact that many are perfectly healthy or only puppies. Prior to their extermination, which usually takes place within a week of their capture, they are placed in overcrowded, dirty kennels and in most cases left hungry. These dog shelters are often referred to by the locals as "concentration camps for canines" and their tragic fate has prompted a network of volunteers on both sides of the border to develop a fast-alert system which would get them out in time. Iva Mullerova, who is actively involved in the project, explains how it works.

Czech tabloids to get their wings clipped

In the past two decades of their existence, Czech tabloids have become increasingly aggressive, stopping at nothing in their quest to get an edge over the competition. Reports from the show-biz world and gossip about well-known personalities, which marked the birth of a tabloid press after the fall of communism, soon gave way to intrusive pictures of celebrities on their death-bed, politicians caught in the nude and reports about spontaneous abortions and fatal diagnoses. A proposed amendment to the law aims to curb these excesses and make the tabloid press answerable for the photos and lies that appear in print.

New museum documents history of alchemy in Prague

As of this week, the Czech capital Prague has a brand new attraction for visitors and its citizens alike. A new museum just a stone's throw from Prague Castle looks back at an era when outstanding scientists and alchemists, brought to Prague from across Europe by the Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II., carried out their experiments in laboratories around the city.