Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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2011-10-25 15:01:00
Ukraine-Brazil strategic partnership to be strengthened with implementation of
specific projects.
This was stressed by President Viktor Yanukovych, in framework of his visit to
Brazil, during a meeting with President of Brazilian Federation of
Industrialists of the city of Sao Paulo Paulo Skaff.

2011-10-25 14:47:00
Ukraine interested in stepping up cooperation with China.
Ukraine is interested to enhance cooperation with China in engineering, high
technology, marine economy and agriculture.This was voiced by First Vice
Premier, Minister of Economic Development and Trade AndriyKlyuyev.

2011-10-25 14:34:00
Current financial situation in Ukraine relatively stable.
Although there are many risks that may damage its fragile balance. This was
announced by former Finance Minister Viktor Pynzenyk.

2011-10-25 14:17:00
41-th International Film Festival "Molodist"(Youth) continues in Kiev.
12 full-length feature films, 17 shorts and 27 students works are competing his
year for the Grand Prix of the Festival - "The Scythian Deer" statuette.

2011-10-25 14:05:00
"Kyiv-City" business center to be built in 5 years in capital of Ukraine.
It will be attracted USD 2 billion investments for its construction.This was
aired by deputy head of the Kyiv state administration Ruslan Kramarenko.

2011-10-25 13:51:00
New artistic award to be established on occasion of Nazariy Yaremchuk's jubilee.
According to head of the culture department of the Chernivtsi regional state
administration Ivan Petrusyak, the birth anniversary of this popular performer
will be celebrated in the region from 28 to 30November.

2011-10-25 13:40:00
Viktor Yanukovych: Ukraine on stage for sustainable economic development.
This was emphasized by the Ukrainian President during his speech at a meeting
with representatives of Brazilian businessmen.

2011-10-25 13:29:00
IMF mission arrives in Ukraine to meet with authorities.
This was disclosed by the representative of the IMF Kyiv office.During the
visit, as expected, the mission will recommend to the Board of Directors of the
IMF to resolve the issue of the expediency of allocating the next tranche under
the Stand-ByArrangement.

2011-10-25 13:25:00
Passport photocopy temporarily not required in exchanging currency.
As was announced by the National Bank of Ukraine, currency exchange without
providing photocopies of the passport will be possible in Ukraine from October

2011-10-25 13:16:00
GDP growth in nine months exceeds 5%.
This is what the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has said in an analysis of
economic figures.According to the calculations of the [central bank's]
department, GDP growth in nine months exceeded 5%.