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News 10.29.2011

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News Saturday, October 29th, 2011

By: Jan Richter

* The police have detained two people at an anti-Roma rally in northern

* Czech Airlines will add extra weekend flights between Paris and
Prague due to an Air France strike.

* The Ceska sporitelna bank has won a contract to supply cards for the
recipients of social welfare, according to a press report.

* Daylight saving time ends at 3AM on Sunday.

* Czech tennis player Petra Kvitova has advanced to the WTA
Championships final after defeating Australia's Samantha Stosur.

Police detain two at northern Bohemian anti-Roma rally

The police on Saturday detained two people at an anti-Romany rally in
the town of Rotava, in northern Bohemia. A police spokesman said they
were suspected of hate crimes. The police also confiscated several
baseball bats, golf clubs and knives at the rally, organized by the
extremist Workers' Party of Social Justice. Some 400 people, including
dozens of extremists from Germany, turned up for the rally who later
marched through parts of town mostly inhabited by Romanies.

Czech Airlines to add extra Paris-Prague flights over the weekend

Czech Airlines will add two extra flights between Paris and Prague over
the weekend, and will also increase the capacity of existing flights
due to a strike by Air France cabin staff, a spokeswoman for the
carrier said on Saturday. The strike is expected to affect some 20
percent of all Air France flights, including two to Prague. The
spokeswoman for Czech Airlines said more flights would be added if

Press: Ceska sporitelna wins welfare cards tender

The Ceska sporitelna bank has won a contract to supply cards to
recipients of social welfare, the daily Mlada fronta Dnes reported on
Saturday. The bank won mainly because it had the highest number of ATMs
of all the participants in the tender, the daily wrote. However, the
winner has yet to be cleared by the Czech anti-monopoly authority.
Welfare cards are to be introduced as part of the government's social
and welfare reform; if approved by Parliament, some 86 billion crowns
in welfare and other benefits should be paid through these cards. The
state should save up to one billion crowns as it will not pay for the
service; the bank will charge recipients fees for all but one
withdrawal a month.

Daylight saving time ends

Daylight saving time in the Czech Republic and other European countries
ends at 3AM on Sunday when the clock will shift back by 60 minutes. The
time change will affect transportation schedules; in the Czech
Republic, three international and seven national express trains will
stop at train stations for the extra hour.

State decorations awarded on Czechoslovak Independence Day

President Vaclav Klaus on Friday awarded state decorations and honours.
WWII veterans Mikulas Koncicky, Jan Velik and Vaclav Djacuk received
the Order of the White Lion, the highest Czech decoration; the Order of
Tomas Garrigue Masaryk was awarded to seven people who were jailed by
the Nazis or the Communists; the Medal of Courage was awarded in
memoriam to a 16-year-old boy who died when he was saving his drowning
friend, and the Medal of Merit was handed to 16 people including
translator Martin Hislky, ski jump champion Jiri Raska, the jazz
musician Emil Viklicky, the cartoonist Vladimir Rencin, and others.

President Klaus criticizes lack of respect for conservative values

In his address at Prague Castle marking the Czechoslovak Independence
Day, President Vaclav Klaus criticized the society's lack of respect
for authorities and conservative values which was at the heart of the
unrest and frustration many people feel. Mr Klaus said Czechs were
living in a relative prosperity but their community was threatened by a
lack of cohesion that divides the society into opposing groups, such as
those of the Roma and non-Roma. The president also criticized the
coarsening of public discourse, especially in politics.

Tennis: Kvitova beats Stosur to reach WTA Championships' final

Petra Kvitova beat Samantha Stosur 5:7. 6:3, 6:3 in the semifinals of
the end-of-season WTA Championships in Istanbul on Saturday and reached
tournament's final. Kvitova made a series of errors in the fist set; in
the second, the Australian was leading 1:0 and had a break point but
Kvitova defended her serve and eventually dominated the whole match. In
Sunday's final, the new world number two will face Viktoria Azarenka
from Belarus.


The next few days will be mostly overcast, with occasional drizzle.
Daytime highs should range between 11 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Articles posted on today

Robert Fulghum's tango for one in Prague

The best-selling American writer Robert Fulghum has such an
enthusiastic following in the Czech Republic that he has published
several of his books here in Czech translation before they have even
appeared at home. That includes his latest book, "If You Love Me Still,
Will You Love Me Moving?" Its subtitle "Tales from the Century
Ballroom" hints at its theme - that most passionate of ballroom dances,
tango. Last week Robert Fulghum was in Prague to promote the book, and
found time to pay a visit to the radio. David Vaughan met him.

The unresolved mystery of the death of Jan Masaryk

"We are a small country with a great tradition of freedom. We shall not
give it up." These are the words of Jan Masaryk, the son of
Czechoslovakia's first President Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, addressing
American servicemen in Plzen in a tone of great optimism in November
1945. During the wartime occupation Masaryk had served as Czechoslovak
foreign minister in exile in London, and he remained in the post after
his return home, deciding to stay on even after the communist coup of
February 1948. His immense popularity meant that the communists put up
with his presence, although his pro-Western views, reinforced by the
fact that his mother had been American, were totally at odds with the
rest of the government.

Barrandov Studios

In this month's show we will be talking a look behind the hallowed grey
facade of one of the Czech Republic's most famous institutions -
Barrandov Studios, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary.

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