Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Radio Prague Today 9.6.2011

Articles posted on www.radio.cz today

Police charge mother suspected of murdering four children

Police have charged the woman assumed to be responsible for the most brutal child murder in modern Czech history. The 36-year-old is believed to have murdered all four of her children with a knife on Friday before making an unsuccessful attempt at suicide.

Tunnelling work completed at Blanka

Construction workers in the Czech capital on Monday removed a final cubic metre of earth from the city's Blanka tunnel – built to streamline traffic through busy parts of the city. The end of tunnelling means that traffic restrictions in several above ground areas will now be lifted. But work on the tunnel itself is far from finished.

The Angola abduction

Today's feature programme looks back to the year 1983 and to Africa, where 66 Czechoslovak men, women and children were held hostage in the Angolan Civil War, some for over a year, and forced on a trek of almost 3,000 km. Christian Falvey presents this week's Czech History.