Monday, September 5, 2011

Radio Prague Today 9.5.2011

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Sports News 5.9.2011

In Sports News: the Czech Republic's national football team ties with Scotland in their Euro 2012 qualifier; Jaroslav Kulhavý wins the World Championship in cross-country mountain bike racing.

Toasting three decades in brewing: beer and malt association director Jan Veselý

One man who probably more than anyone else can claim to represent one of the Czech Republic's biggest success stories ― beer ― is Jan Veselý, general director of the Czech Beer and Malt Association. The association groups the biggest Czech breweries and hop producers. In today's programme, Mr. Veselý talks about the massive changes he has witnessed in the industry which had moved from the planned economy to privatization and the take off of micro-breweries.

Extremist groups aim to benefit from social unrest in North Bohemia

The security situation in parts of North Bohemia, where tension between the Roma and non-Roma communities has been rising for weeks, failed to improve at the weekend – just the opposite. An illegal demonstration against the Roma community again tested police, who on Saturday blocked almost 1,000 participants from making their way to a local Roma settlement. Allegedly organised by a neo-Nazi group, the protest is seen as evidence that extremist groups are trying to exploit the deteriorating situation for their own ends.