Thursday, September 22, 2011

Radio Prague Today 9.22.2011

Articles posted on today

My Neighbor, My Enemy : problems of coexistence

In this week's Panorama :a play at Prague's National Theatre highlights the problems of coexistence between ethnic Czechs and the Roma minority, Karlovy Vary protesting against too many foreign language signs, and, Czech politicians make headlines from here to Belgrade.

Government approves 2012 draft budget

The Czech coalition government on Wednesday approved the 2012 draft budget with one priority in mind – fulfilling its promise to bring the country's public finance deficit under control. The projected deficit of 105 billion crowns fulfills that target. It would narrow the gap in public finances to 3,5 percent of the GDP, but analysts say that the latest growth predictions for the Czech economy in 2012 will almost certainly throw a spanner in the works.

Cabinet adopts strategy on fighting Romany exclusion

Amidst social and ethnic unrest in parts of the country caused by growing tension between the majority population and Romanies, the Czech government on Wednesday adopted a strategy to combat the social exclusion of the Romany minority. Over the next four years, the government vows to spend up to 15 billion crowns anually on a series of measures ranging from fighting crime to improving the education of Romany children.