Monday, September 19, 2011

Radio Prague Today 9.19.2011

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Sports News 19.9.2011

In Sports News this Monday: Czechs beat Romania to stay in the Davis Cup World Group; in football, Plzeň wins its first point in the Champions League; the Czech top hockey league begins; and Jaromír Jágr arrives in Philadelphia for yet another NHL season.

Prime and Labor Minister highlight importance of social reform in solving Šluknov district's racial tensions

On Monday, Prime Minister Petr Nečas, Labor Minister Jaromír Drábek and the government's human rights commissioner set off on a visit to the North Bohemian Šluknov district, where racial unrest is escalating and unemployment and crime are on the rise. Government officials are now meeting with local politicians to discuss possible solutions to a situation that is threatening to spin out of control, but some say their reaction has come too late.

Richard Fuchs - well-known Prague cook and new head chef of Prague's Four Seasons' restaurant

Starting October, well-known Czech cook Richard Fuchs will be taking over the post of head chef at Prague's Four Seasons' restaurant Allegro, replacing the Italian Andrea Accordi, under whose direction the kitchen became the first in the former Eastern Block to be marked with a Michelin star. Richard Fuchs, who has cooked in restaurants all over the world and just wrapped up his gig at Prague's Monastery restaurant, will also be the first Czech to lead Allegro. Ahead of the start of his engagement, he speaks about his cooking style, respecting ingredients and if he is looking forward to his new role.