Thursday, September 15, 2011

Radio Prague Today 9.15.2011

Articles posted on today

Michal Thoma – Traveller, photographer, writer – Part 1

Michal Thoma – like his father Zdeněk – is a well-known Czech photographer, traveller, and author focussing on countries in Asia, including India and Nepal. Publishing in Czech alternatives to National Geographic like Lidé a Země and Koktejl, Michal and his father and mum, have made travel writing and photography in exotic countries pretty much a family business and the Thoma name something of a 'trademark'. In Part I, of this special Panorama Michal talks about how he got into photography and travel, beginning with his father's career.

ČEZ general director suddenly quits

Investors, politicians and the public were taken aback on Wednesday by the news that Martin Roman, the 42-year-old general manager of power company ČEZ, was stepping down, also leaving the company's board of directors. Mr Roman leaves his post after seven years reportedly of his own initiative, and will be taking up a position on the company's supervisory board. Shares in ČEZ teetered slightly on Thursday with the announcement, and word that the new ČEZ chief would be second in command Daniel Beneš. Meanwhile, analysts have gone into high gear assessing what the change of management might mean for the largest public utility company in Central Europe. That was the question we put to financial journalist Chris Johnstone of Czech Position.

Czech-born architect and former New York resident publishes personal account of his 9/11 experiences

Czech-born architect Jiří Boudník was working in New York City when it was hit by the 9/11 attacks. During the next six months, he assisted with the clean-up operation at Ground Zero. Now, on the ten-year anniversary of the historic event, Mr. Boudník, who has since returned to the Czech Republic, has published a book in which he shares his personal 9/11 experiences. It is titled Věže, Czech for Towers. We spoke to him at the book's launch in Prague's American Center on Wednesday.