Thursday, September 1, 2011

Radio Prague Today 9.1.2011

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A hijacker's memoir: what happens when three teenagers hijack a plane over bad school marks

Fifty years ago today, three boys aged 14 and 15, boarded a regular flight between Prague and Brno. But they had another destination in mind – Munich, in West Germany. With no airport security, one of them had a handgun he had taken from his grandfather, and after some 10 minutes in air, they entered the cockpit and began to act. But the plan went terribly wrong, and they all spent many years in prison. One of them, 65-year-old Michael Procházka, recently put out a book, Confessions of a Plane Hijacker, which recounts the whole story up to his departure to Australia in 1969, where he spent the next 30 years of his life.

Coalition at odds over state secretary for EU affairs

A proposal to establish a state secretary for EU affairs, approved by the Czech cabinet on Wednesday, has divided the ruling coalition. While the proposal was pushed through by the Civic Democratic Party and Public Affairs the third party in government, TOP09, remains strongly opposed to the move which it claims to be in violation of the coalition agreement. The party, which holds the foreign ministry, fears the new post will detract from its powers and has demanded coalition talks on the issue. Petr Drulák, head of the Prague-based Institute of International Relations, says enforcing the decision on TOP 09 would not be a good move.

First Czech movie using rotoscoping technique to premiere at Venice film festival

Alois Nebel, the first Czech film that was produced with the rotoscoping technique – a process that renders images shot with actors in a unique black-and-white cartoon style – will be premiering at the prestigious International Film Festival in Venice this weekend. The movie, based on a cartoon novel by Jaroslav Rudiš that has garnered a cult following, is highly anticipated by Czech cinema lovers. Ahead of its premiere abroad, I caught up with Alois Nebel producer Pavel Strnad and asked him about the special technique it was made with, the film's director and what category the movie will be shown in at the festival.