Saturday, September 10, 2011

Radio Prague Today 9.10.2011

Articles posted on today

Moving across the big pond – Czech programmer Jakub Vrána prepares for his new job at Facebook

At a conference in the US, the 33-year-old Czech programmer Jakub Vrána made quite an impression on developers from the well-known social networking site Facebook and became the first Czech to be hired by the company. Now, he is preparing to move across the ocean and set up a new life in California, near San Francisco, where Facebook's headquarters are located. Ahead of his departure from the Czech Republic, he speaks about what he is looking forward to and what he will miss, what the interviewing process was like and which of his projects he thinks caught the Facebook team's attention.

Sázava Monastery

The Sázava Monastery, which shares its name with the town and river Sázava, was declared a national cultural monument in 1962 by the Czechoslovak state. It is one of the oldest and best preserved monasteries in all of Bohemia. It is also important as an early cultural bridge between the eastern and western branches of the church and because of its use of the Old Slavonic, the first written Slavic language.

Olga Szántová: the voice of Radio Prague

It was five years ago this week that our much-loved colleague, Olga Szántová, died at the age of 71. As a child she had spent most of World War II in New York, which was where she picked up her perfect East-Side English. Olga became one of the most familiar voices of Radio Prague's English broadcasts during the political thaw of the 1960s, and she was also among the radio journalists who managed to carry on broadcasting secretly during the Soviet invasion of 1968, as several recordings from the time still bear witness.