Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Radio Prague Today 8.31.2011

Articles posted on today

Radio Prague marks 75 years on air

Set up in 1936 primarily as a tool to counter propaganda from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, Radio Prague itself long served as a mouthpiece for communist propaganda. Since the 1990s however, the station is the only Czech public news service, providing information about the Czech Republic in six languages to audiences around the world. Marking Radio Prague's 75th anniversary, the Czech-born, UK-based writer, and former Radio Prague reporter Benjamin Kuras and Radio Prague's own David Vaughan discuss the most interesting moments in the station's history.

Radio Prague to suffer no budget cuts in 2012

Seventy five years ago today, at 10 AM on August 31, 1936, the foreign service of Czechoslovak Radio went on air for the first time ever. Today, Radio Prague is an independent broadcaster although it is still funded entirely by the Czech Foreign Ministry. Following severe budget cuts in recent years, some good news came on Wednesday from the Foreign Ministry which promises no further cuts for 2012. Radio Prague spoke to the head of the ministry's public diplomacy department, Jan Bondy.

Adapting to change: 75 years of Radio Prague broadcasts

In the 75 years of its existence, Radio Prague has seen many changes – among them, unfortunately, the end of our shortwave broadcasts. On Wednesday, the station presented some of its programs live from a tent in the heart of the city, in an effort to propagate the international service locally. Sarah Borufka was at the site and spoke to Miroslav Krupička, who has served as Radio Prague's director since 1998. She asked him about the important changes he had witnessed over the years.

Radio Prague listeners send well-wishes on Radio Prague's 75th birthday

Of course, Radio Prague would not have turned 75 if it wasn't for our loyal listeners. We would like to thank you for your support and interest over the years, and for the many anniversary emails you have sent in. On the occasion of our 75th anniversary, we did something we usually don't do – we called some of our listeners from around the world. Here's one of them, Stan Schmidt. He listens to Radio Prague from Evansville, Indiana, in the United States.