Monday, August 29, 2011

Radio Prague Today 8.29.2011

Articles posted on today

Czeslaw Walek – Prague Pride's first director and a lawyer by profession

Czeslaw Walek, who studied law with a focus on human rights, has been in the media a lot in recent weeks, due to his role as the director of the Prague Pride festival. Previously, he has held government offices such as director of the Office of the Council for Roma Affairs. He has lived in both Krakow and Budapest and is a member of the Czech Republic's Polish minority. He speaks about his work, human rights and how he feels the first Prague Pride festival went.

Ethnic tension builds up in northern Bohemia

The Czech Republic is facing heightened ethnic tension between Romanies and the majority population. In parts of northern Bohemia, animosity between the two groups culminated on Friday after two public gatherings, staged allegedly to protest against rising crime levels in the region, turned into openly racist rallies calling on the Romanies to leave. The government hopes to calm things down by increasing the police presence in the region. But experts warn that more comprehensive action is needed to prevent divisions between the communities from widening even further.

Sports News 29.8.2011

Decathlete Roman Šebrle finishes in disappointing 13th place in the World Athletics Championships; pole-vaulters Jiřina Ptáčníková and Jan Kudlička advance to finals; Judo wrestler Lukáš Krpálek wins the bronze medal at the world championships in Paris; in football Lafata earns second-straight hat-trick; Man U destroy Arsenal.