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News 8.7.2011

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News Sunday, August 7th, 2011

By: Sarah Borufka

* The Czech government will resume its regular sessions on Wednesday,
following two-week summer break.

* The head of the Czech Helsinki Committee has criticized the police's
treatment of environmentalists holding a blockade against tree logging
in the Sumava National Park.

* Customs officers have confiscated thousands of knock-offs at a market
place near the South Moravian city of Znojmo.

* A gathering of some 1,300 caravan aficionados has kicked off in

* The Czech player Radek Stepanek has reached the final of the Legg
Mason Tennis Classic in Washington.

Czech government to resume regular sessions on Wednesday

The Czech government will resume regular sessions again starting this
Wednesday, following a two-week summer break. The representatives of
the three-party government coalition are set to work on the final
version of next year's draft budget, which has to be presented to the
lower house of Parliament for approval by the end of September. In
July, the government had drafted a first version of the budget with a
planned state budget deficit of 105 billion Czech crowns, to be
achieved by a change in Value Added Tax rates. However, junior
coalition partner Public Affairs opposes this solution.

Head of Czech Helsinki Committee criticizes police removing protesters
from blockade in national park

The Czech Helsinki Committee has criticized some the actions of police
towards environmental activists holding a blockade in the Sumava
National Park. According to the committee's president, Anna Sabatova,
who visited the site, some police officers are too brutal in removing
protesters from the blockade. The committee has called on the police to
adjust their intervention methods. She said that in some cases, the
behavior of the police may be in violation of the law. Police have
previously denied allegations of brutality against the activists, who
have been holding a blockade to prevent the felling of bark-beetle
infested trees in a protected area of the park since July 15. Park
management has marked some 5000 trees for felling.

Customs officers confiscated thousands of knock-offs in raid

Customs officers have confiscated thousands of knock-offs at a market
place in the Znojmo region, in South Moravia. Among the goods found in
the raid, which took place on Saturday, were fake designer watches,
perfumes, and clothing with brand name logos. The exact retail value of
the confiscated products will be determined on Monday, when experts
evaluate the fake designer goods.

Police: Subutex main factor in public drug abuse

Police have identified the prescription drug Subutex, which is used for
the treatment of drug addiction, as one of the main factors for public
drug abuse in the city. According to a spokeswoman of Prague's
drug-related crimes unit, many addicts are able to obtain multiple
doses of the drug, which contains high doses of buprenorphine, within a
day, due to the fact that pharmacies do not monitor the dispensing of
Subutex prescriptions closely enough. She added that up to 80 percent
of dealers who operate on Prague streets sell Subutex rather than
street drugs. Public substance abuse has been a problem especially in
the Wenceslas Square area of the city, where some junkies inject drugs
in broad daylight.

Over 1,300 caravan aficionados gather in Prague

The 77th international camping and caravanning rally kicked off in
Prague on Saturday, drawing over 1,300 caravan aficionados from 31
countries. The meeting was opened with a parade and live music.
Participants, who arrived in the Czech capital with more than 650
vehicles, will be visiting several cities, towns and a number of sights
across the country before leaving on August 14. However, they will be
traveling by bus while their caravans are parked at the exhibition
ground in Prague's Letnany neighborhood. Participants come from
countries such as the UK, US, Australia, Taiwan, China and a number of
European countries.

Stepanek reaches final in Washington after victory over Young

The Czech player Radek Stepanek has reached the final of the Legg Mason
Tennis Classic in Washington. Stepanek displayed strong holds of serve
to overcome Donald Young of the United States 6-3 6-3 on Saturday and
set up a meeting with Gael Monfils. The Czech has lost to the Frenchman
on five of the seven occasions they have faced one another in the past.

Young Czech striker Peckhart scores in Bundesliga debut

The Czech striker Tomas Pekhart scored in his debut in the Bundesliga
on Saturday, helping his club Nuremberg to a 1:0 victory over Hertha
Berlin on the opening day of Germany's football season. Peckhart, who
is 22 and has previously had spells at Slavia Prague, Tottenham
Hotspur, and Sparta Prague, joined Nuremberg last month. The tall
forward has one cap for the Czech national team.


The start of next week will be overcast, with rain showers and
occasional storms. Daytime highs should range between 24 and 28 degrees

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