Thursday, July 28, 2011

Radio Prague Today 7.28.2011

Articles posted on today

Five years since same-sex registered partnership was introduced activists say bill didn't go far enough

It has been five years since the bill on registered partnership between gay couples came into force in the Czech Republic. During the period, more than 1,200 gay and lesbian couples in the country formed civil unions. While most within the gay community welcomed the original legislation as an important milestone, many still feel it didn't go far enough as it failed to recognise gay marriage or adoption rights. Radio Prague spoke to Zdeněk Sloboda, a representative of PROUD, a Czech initiative promoting human rights.

Czech Airlines Pilots Association announces go-slow protest against redundancies to start Monday

The state-controlled carrier ČSA handed out earlier this week a first round of notices to some of its pilots – a step that the airline's management says is in line with its government-approved restructuring plan. However, the Czech Airlines Pilots Association does not agree with the layoffs, and has announced a go-slow protest to kick off on Monday.

National Heritage Institute: many of the country's gems still undiscovered by foreign tourists

The National Heritage Institute which is responsible for the protection and preservation of the country's historical monuments has over 100 palaces, castles and manor houses in its care. Over the past 20 years it has worked hard to restore many of those long-neglected buildings to their former glory and today they represent the best part of the country's national heritage. Regrettably, many of those outside Prague remain undiscovered by foreign tourists. Tomáš Brabec of the National Heritage Institute says this is something that the institute is trying hard to change.