Friday, July 15, 2011

Radio Prague Today 7.15.2011

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Business News 15.7.2011

In today's business news: The European Commission launches an antitrust investigation into the Czech energy giant ČEZ, self-employed individuals may be among those who profit from an overhaul of the Czech pension system, a new law eliminates advertising on two public TV channels, Czech tennis star Petra Kvitová's marketing potential receives a significant boost due to her Wimbledon victory, the regional brewery Svijany posts record profits in 2010 and Czechs pay up to 20 percent more for mobile phone services than clients in neighboring countries.

Czech Harry Potter happy to leave Hogwarts behind

Mr. Vojtěch Kotek can be proud to say that he is a perfectly normal, young Czech actor, thank you very much. But on one particular day, almost every year for the last ten of his twenty-three years, he becomes an eminently well-known boy wizard by the name of Harry Potter (read: 'Hari Potr'). Since the age of 12, Vojta has lent his voice to the ever-maturing wunderkind in the dubbed version of each of the eight Harry Potter films. And now – his voice an octave under Daniel Radcliffe's – as the most famous fantasy series comes to an end, so ends Vojta Kotek's career…

NATO chief slams Czechs over reduced military spending

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has criticized the Czech government for reduced military spending. According to media reports, the NATO chief sent Prime Minister Petr Nečas a letter warning that his government might not be able to fulfil its commitments to the alliance should these cuts continue in the coming years.