Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Radio Prague Today 6.8.2011

Articles posted on today

Public Affairs's deputy chair Karolína Peake: we will support reform bills despite coalition infighting

The lower house of the Czech Parliament is in session debating a series of reform bills. But the government that has vowed to implement them has been entangled in a drawn-out political crisis, fuelled by recurring clashes between the junior Public Affairs party on the one hand and the Civic Democrats and TOP 09 on the other. On Tuesday, Public Affairs announced they would give their coalition partners another three weeks to fulfil their demands, including more ministerial posts within the centre-right government. Radio Prague spoke to the Public Affairs deputy chair Karolína Peake and asked her to clarify her party's future within the coalition.

Thousands sign petition against planned demolition of building on Wenceslas Square

The planned demolition of an Art Nouveau building on Prague's Wenceslas Square is drawing increasing opposition in the form of an on-line petition, while seeing hundreds take part in a protest meeting on Tuesday on the square itself. The building in question, 1601 Opletalova, is not itself a heritage site but is located within a protected area. The owners and developers want to tear the structure down (as well as gut the interiors of two adjacent buildings) to make room for a new commercial centre. Other than the petition, few obstacles stand in their way: both City Hall and the culture minister, Jiří Besser, have already given the green light.

Pivovarský Dům and Pivovarský Klub – two top-notch beer destinations in the heart of Prague

In the Czech capital, Pivovarský Dům, a brewpub right in the center of Prague with a microbrewery on its premises, as well as its sister establishment, Pivovarský Klub, a restaurant that offers hundreds of beer varieties, were among the first to promote small, regional beers. With the current renaissance of microbrews in full swing, Pivovarský Klub continues to showcase the best of what the Czech Republic's small brewers have to offer. Pivovarský Klub's Aleš Dočkal talks about how he got his start in the hospitality business, the beer industry and how many kinds of beers his restaurant has on offer.