Friday, June 3, 2011

Radio Prague Today 6.3.2011

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Business News 3.6.2011

In today's business news: The prime minister says that a German nuclear phase-out could increase domestic energy prices by up to 30 percent, Czech airlines is to further cut its number of destinations along with its staff, the Swiss commodity giant Glencore is set to buy up the Czech food and chemicals conglomerate Setuza, more than half of all Czech households are not able to save any money, and two new wi-fi trams are being introduced in Prague.

Czech foreign minister concludes week-long US visit

The Czech foreign minister, Karel Schwarzenberg is winding up his week-long trip to the United States. At a meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington on Thursday, the officials agreed to start negotiations on a new investments protection treaty between the two countries. Mr Schwarzenberg, with a number of Czech entrepreneurs in his entourage, also promoted Czech IT and film industries during his US trip.

Fans of codes and secret ciphers attend special conference in Prague

Amateur code-breakers and decipherers met at Prague College this week for a special conference entitled the Secret of Ciphers. The conference brought together experts and even former spies to talk about the secret world of cryptology - the sending of secret messages.

Much-awaited film Lidice opens in Czech cinemas

This Thursday saw the premiere of the long-awaited film Lidice, the first Czech production to tell the story one of the darkest periods in Czech history, the destruction of the village of Lidice by the Nazis in 1942.