Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Radio Prague Today 5.4.2011

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Police uncover first case of a terrorist network operating in the Czech Republic, eight charged with aiding Dagestani Shariat Jamaat

Police in the Czech Republic have uncovered the first ever case of an international terrorist network operating within the country. It has now been reported that eight foreigners from the radical Islamic organisation Shariat Jamaat of Dagestan, were arrested in April from sites around Bohemia, after a three-year investigation for proof of their complicity in terrorism in the North Caucuses region. The news is the first evidence of a long-held fear that the Czech Republic may be an apt strategic location for terrorist cells. Christian Falvey has this report.

Festival of animated film kicks off in Třeboň

On Tuesday the Anifilm festival got underway in the picturesque south Bohemian town of Třeboň, offering both adults and children some of the very best in animated cinema. Last year Anifilm picked up where the earlier AniFest left off, and this year offers offer 200 shorter length as well as longer films for viewers. Earlier Jan Velinger spoke to the festival's director Aida Abbas and asked her about the opening day:

The Ungelt, and a thousand years of multicultural Prague

In the jumble of alleyways that is Prague's Old Town, if you look carefully, you'll make out the form of the ancient fortress of Ungelt, built over with baroque and renaissance facades, but still standing after 1000 years. This is the customs house of Ungelt, where foreign merchants came to store their wares, and a reminder that Prague has always been a cosmopolitan, multinational city ever since its earliest days.