Thursday, May 26, 2011

Radio Prague Today 5.26.2011

Articles posted on today

Czech Nuclear Safety Institute: EU-approved stress tests should not present a problem

After weeks of debate the European Union on Wednesday agreed on the criteria for conducting "stress tests" on the bloc's 143 nuclear power plants. The tests which aim to avert an accident like that at Japan's Fukushima plant, will check nuclear plants' preparedness in dealing with natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding, as well as for man-made failures such as airplane crashes and explosions. We called Petr Brandejs, deputy head of the Czech Institute for Nuclear Safety to find out how the Czech Republic's two nuclear power plants –Temelín and Dukovany would face up to the challenge.

Second chance for a car that could have been a classic

Playing the game "what would have happened" with the Prague Spring and the Soviet invasion can yield a million answers, one of which might be that Czechoslovaks would have been zooming around in sleek, little Czech-made sports cars. The UVMV 1100 GT unlike anything that had been driven before in the country when it was designed in 1968, but production was cancelled by the Communist Party after the invasion. Now, 41 years later, the UVMV might finally be coming to life.

Back to the Stone Age for a day

In 1997, just eight years after the Velvet Revolution, when Czechs were making up for lost time and looking into the future, one man - archeologist Radomír Tichý - was busy looking back. Like the rest of his countrymen he was now fully able to realize his dreams, but those had little to do with mobile phones, DVDs and exotic holidays. Mr. Tichý and his colleagues at Hradec Králové University aimed to recreate history by building an open air museum from the early Stone Age to the late Metal Age.