Saturday, May 21, 2011

Radio Prague Today 5.21.2011

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Mailbox 21.5.2011

In Mailbox today: Sunday Music Show, Radio Prague's annual competition, the National Library, what happened to internet "live broadcasts". Listeners quoted: Stephen Hrebenach, Bob Boundy, Meng Cheng, Julius Angelo Colaco, Gerwyn Roberts.

Nessie sighted on a Czech breakfast table

Recent editions of this programme have been rather full of doom and gloom, as we have approached the Second World War in our archives. So this week we look at something a bit more cheerful. Here is a Scottish visitor to Prague in 1938. After singing the praises of Czechoslovakia, he suddenly changes tone – making a rather curious observation.

Group sex getting into full "swing"

Sex has been an emerging market in the Czech Republic for 20 years, with its every marketable facet constantly developing since 1989. The first wave was naturally prostitution and pornography, shortly after, sex shops. At the turn of the new century came the phenomenon of internet exhibitionism, with some webpages becoming the most popular erotic sites on the Czech web. And now, in these last years, has come another lifestyle change that more and more businesses are catering to: group sex in full swing.