Friday, May 20, 2011

Radio Prague Today 5.20.2011

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Business News 20.5.2011

No more hiding from the taxman in the big city; numbers of businessmen up, number of businesses up; anonymously owned companies get eight billion in state money; welfare and unemployment expenses hit 700 billion.

The Rožmberks opens at Wallenstein Riding School

The Rožmberks, a lavish new exhibition, opened on Thursday at the Waldstein (Wallenstein) Riding School, looking back at one of the most prominent and influential Bohemian noble families. The Rožmberk dynasty dates back to the 13th to 16th centuries, with its members holding key positions in the royal and later imperial courts. The castle at Český Krumlov, admired by countless visitors in South Bohemia today, was the family seat for three hundred years.

Coalition Public Affairs launch online vote for party leader

The embattled junior coalition party, Public Affairs, has launched an online vote for the new party leader. Some 6,000 registered party supporters have until Monday to pick one of three candidates, including the incumbent chairman Radek John. But regardless of who becomes the new Public Affairs chairperson, the scandal-stricken party with dwindling approval ratings is likely to remain the weakest link of the Czech centre-right government.