Friday, May 13, 2011

Radio Prague Today 5.13.2011

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Business News 13.5.2011

Nice numbers across the board for Czech economy; inner-circle Sazka critic sacked; slim pickings for fruit farmers; a new civil code brings big changes; and fair trade is fairly profitable.

Dominik Lang's The Sleeping City to go up at 54th Venice Biennale

The 54th Venice Biennale is less than a month away and the installation representing the Czech and Slovak arts scenes at the national pavilion is now en route. Created by Czech artist Dominik Lang and entitled The Sleeping City, the instalation aims to challenge international viewers to experience, assess, or revisit on an intuitive and emotional level recent Czechoslovak and European history, from the Cold War to today.

Political analyst Pehe: Collapse of government a possibility if junior coalition partner walks out

On Thursday, junior coalition member Public Affairs came forward with a list of demands for the government, threatening to walk out unless a new anti-corruption law is passed and further personnel changes within the cabinet are made. The step came only a day after the party's leader, Radek John, resigned from his post of anti-corruption tsar, which he had only recently been appointed to in an effort to quell a government crisis. To add further fuel to the fire, a compromising tape of a March meeting between Public Affairs' de-facto leader Vít Bárta and senior party officials appeared on the internet late on Thursday. Political analyst Jiří Pehe speaks about those developments, beginning with Mr John's resignation.