Thursday, May 12, 2011

Radio Prague Today 5.12.2011

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Czech baristas compete in the art of coffee-making

When Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and her husband Prince Claus visited the Czech Republic in 1993 the head of protocol at Prague Castle went into overdrive. It was the first visit by a foreign royal since the fall of communism and everything had to be perfect. There was just one tiny hitch that made headlines – when the queen visited the North Bohemian brown coal mining region and accepted an invitation for a cup of coffee she was presented with a murky brown mixture - a Turkish-style cup of coffee that has nothing to do with real Turkish coffee. Czech style Turkish coffee –a remnant from the communist days - was made by pouring boiling water over ground coffee and waiting for it to settle before drinking it and using your teeth to filter the dregs. The queen was charm itself – but much to the locals' surprise she left her coffee untouched.

Classical music fans descend on capital for 66th Prague Spring festival

Classical music fans are gearing up for one of the most prestigious events in the cultural calendar – the Prague Spring International Music Festival, which gets underway on Thursday evening. Founded in 1946, as a newly-liberated Czechoslovakia was emerging from six years of war and Nazi occupation, the festival has survived communist dictatorship and the commercial pressures of capitalism to remain the country's preeminent classical music festival.

Sale of Fair Trade products in Czech Republic increases by 60 percent

Fair Trade product sales in Czech Republic increased by some 60 percent in 2010, representing a turnover of some 80 million crowns. The sharp rise in interest in items produced or in developing countries under transparent conditions and according to clear ethical norms, has been attributed to several factors and earlier Radio Prague discussed some of them with Tomáš Bílý, the head of the Czech Fair Trade Association.