Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Radio Prague Today 4.5.2011

Articles posted on www.radio.cz today

Uproar over appointment of ultra conservative as ministerial adviser

Minority and human rights groups in the Czech Republic have sent an open letter to Education Minister Josef Dobeš over his decision to appoint a controversial ultra-conservative politician as an advisor. Ladislav Bátora once stood as an independent candidate for the now-defunct far-right National Party, and is now head of the Eurosceptic movement DOST.

Police trades unions push for Interior Minister Radek John to step down

Police trades unions leaders are set to meet Prime Minister Petr Nečas later on Tuesday to ask him to replace Interior Minister Radek John. More than a half of Czech police officers, along with thousands of fire fighters and civilian security forces employees, have signed a petition demanding Mr John's resignation. They blame the minister for failing to prevent higher cuts in their salaries than he initially promised.

Karel Kramář: first Czechoslovak PM but flawed popular politician

Karel Kramář earned his place in history as the first prime minister of Czechoslovakia. But his political career spanned more than four turbulent decades. We look at a life than included a death sentence, assassination attempt and birth of a new state.