Saturday, April 16, 2011

Radio Prague Today 4.16.2011

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Mailbox 16.4.2011

In today's Mailbox: A listener's comment on the unrest in the Middle East, a listener from Chistchurch, New Zealand, on the recent earthquake, Radio Prague's Czech learning programmes. Listeners quoted: Mary Lou Krenek, Bob Boundy, James O'Brien, Christoph Lischka.

The people make their voice heard

One of the most dramatic - but least known - events in Czechoslovak Radio's history dates back to September 21 1938. This was the day that the government announced that it was willing to succumb to German pressure, and would give up large areas of the country's borderlands to Nazi Germany. By this time it was clear that Britain and France would not be willing to fight for Czechoslovakia's territorial integrity, and that to say no would mean invasion. The announcement sent a shockwave through Czech society, and immediately thousands took to the streets in protest.

Andrej Gina: recalling the poetry and poverty of the old Romany settlements

In today's Czech Books we meet a writer who is a master of the short story. Andrej Gina, who won the Open Society Institute's Roma Literary Award in 2003, lives in the western Czech town of Rokycany. He writes in the Romany language spoken by generations of his ancestors from the rural Romany settlements of Eastern Slovakia. Andrej was still a small child when the family came to the Prague after the Second World War, leaving behind an ancient and rural world, where Roma life had changed little for centuries.